On-boarding for new employees of Mota-Engil Central Europe


This time the on-boarding for new employees of Mota-Engil Central Europe took place on February 6. Workshops took place in Krakow. The meeting covered topics related among others, to security and data protection, communication and HR. Participants were also acquainted with the culture of organization and quality management. Those kind of meetings are efficient way to familiarize new employees with the most important issues related to work at Mota-Engil Central Europe.

Progress of work on the extension of Piaseczno 22/11 kV substation

In February construction of a new technological building were continued, in the area of:
– roof’s steel construction installation,
– making vertical insulation of a building with mineral wool.
It is planned to complete the roof and vertical insulation next month, as well as start finishing works and installation works inside the building.

More information: www.stacjapiaseczno.pl

Contract for S7 already signed

On Monday, January 8th, the contract for the construction of the S7 road located in the north of Krakow was signed (part II Szczepanowice node-Widoma node). The contractor for the investment is Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction, Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk.

The S7 expressway is created to improve traffic in the north-south direction of Poland. It will directly connect Gdańsk, Warsaw and Kraków. The construction of the S7 expressway will shorten travel time, increase traffic capacity and traffic flow, improve traffic safety and improve the living conditions of residents of towns located in the vicinity of an existing road.

The scope of investment includes:
• implementation of a dual carriageway expressway,
• construction of road interchanges,
• construction of engineering structures within the planned expressway and along roads crossing,
• construction of drainage elements for roads and associated facilities,
• construction of access roads,
• construction of traffic safety devices,
• implementation of solutions resulting from the environment,
• removing collisions with existing objects,
• translating fragments of watercourses colliding with the S7 road,
• construction of technical infrastructure and technological channels.

Signing a contract for construction of the Łomża bypass


Today starts realization of another part of the Via Baltica route – the section of the future S61 expressway, between the nodes “Łomża Południe” and “Łomża Zachód”, which is the part of the bypass of Łomża.

Mota-Engil Central Europe will build over 7 km of 2-way expressway S61, Łomża Południe junction and a 9-kilometer section of national road No. 63 going out of it, towards Zambrów.

The implementation is provided in the “Design and build” system. In total, 31 months have been planned for the whole task, excluding winter time during construction period.

fot. www.4lomza.pl

Mota-Engil Central Europe once again among the winners!


Mota-Engil Central Europe took second place in the “Build Safely” competition organized by the State Labour Inspection in Wrocław. This time, the contract “Construction of the S-3 Nowa-Sól-Legnica Expressway” was appreciated. On December 22, during the gala ceremony, the prize was received by Site Manager Mr. Zbigniew Taradaj and Safety Inspector, Mr. Łukasz Giera.

The aim of the competition is to promote building contractors, providing safe workplaces with particular attention to valuable achievements, that should contribute to increase of the overall level of safety in construction.

We would like to congratulate the employees of the contract and wish them further success.


fot. PIP Wrocław

Christmas meeting

On December 16, the Christmas meeting of employees of Mota-Engil Central Europe was held at the Stara Zajezdnia restaurant  in Krakow. Over 350 people took part in the ceremony. After the speech of the President, Mr. Zbigniew Zajączkowski and the gala dinner, there were also the traditional awarding of prizes in the contest “No accident day counter”, a presentation of a business speaker and handing out Christmas presents. Thank you everyone for the presence and common celebration.

First aid training

The first few minutes after an accident determine the life and health of the victim. That is why it is so important that every person can properly help to a person who is in a situation of immediate threat to health or life.

On 01.12.2017, first aid training took place at the main office of Mota-Engil Central Europe in Cracow. 15 people took part in training. The aim of the training was to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills of first aid in the most common situations threatening health and life.

The trainers also conducted exercises with participants in:

– cardiopulmonary resuscitation,

– rules of conduct in the event of choking,

– laying in the recovery position,

– demonstration of the AED defibrillator operation.