Progress of works – Vermelo, stage II

IMG_4938_2-2Mota-Engil Central Europe continues the construction of the Vermelo residential investment in Krakow.

VERMELO is an investment at a high standard, which distinguishes among others: 24-hour monitoring on the object and the garage, lighting of a balcony or a loggia in every apartment
and windows with increased acoustic resistance.

Currently, plastering works are almost completed. The screeds in apartments and corridors are also very advanced. The installation of tiles in the available works fronts has started. Elevation works are carried out from the outside – from the north side of the building, plastering in color is underway, and the thermal insulation of the facades is taking place on the east and west side. At the same time, external aluminum-glass facades are installed on the ground floor (commercial zones). On the roof, works related to the attic processing are carried out. Installation works in the sanitary and electrical industry are also underway.

See the movie showing the construction of the first stage of Vermelo.

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