Mota-Engil Central Europe will build the bypass of Tomaszów Lubelski!

On Friday,  November 17th, the representatives of Mota-Engil signed a contract for the construction of the bypass of Tomaszów Lubelski in the presence of Minister Andrzej Adamczyk. The route will follow the east side of the city. At the intersection with the voivodeship road No 850,  Tomaszów Lubelski North junction will be formed, and on the course of DK17 – junction Tomaszów Lubelski South. The bypass  is foreseen to be a single carriageway, and within both junctions – double carriageway. Over the valley of Sołokija river, the road will run on the flyover. Additional roads with have a total length of 13.8 km. The drivers will be able to use the new road in the spring of 2021.


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