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Progress of works – Vermelo, stage II

IMG_4938_2-2Mota-Engil Central Europe continues the construction of the Vermelo residential investment in Krakow.

VERMELO is an investment at a high standard, which distinguishes among others: 24-hour monitoring on the object and the garage, lighting of a balcony or a loggia in every apartment
and windows with increased acoustic resistance.

Currently, plastering works are almost completed. The screeds in apartments and corridors are also very advanced. The installation of tiles in the available works fronts has started. Elevation works are carried out from the outside – from the north side of the building, plastering in color is underway, and the thermal insulation of the facades is taking place on the east and west side. At the same time, external aluminum-glass facades are installed on the ground floor (commercial zones). On the roof, works related to the attic processing are carried out. Installation works in the sanitary and electrical industry are also underway.

See the movie showing the construction of the first stage of Vermelo.

Mota-Engil Central Europe – contractor of another residential investment in Warsaw

The YANA investment is situated at Jana Kazimierza street. It is an estate with a wide range of apartments of various sizes, from comfortable studios to five-room apartments. Each of them has a balcony, loggia or garden.
Surrounded by greenery, it is an ideal place for people who value physical activity. In the closest neighborhood there are green areas, among them recently restored Szymański Park and Sowiński Park. At the same time, the location close to the center provides access to the city’s infrastructure, shopping centers, cultural and sports facilities.
The YANA investment includes three buildings with a different number of storeys. The estate has a green patio for the exclusive use of residents.
Currently, Mota-Engil Central Europe is a contractor of many residential investments throughout Poland. In Warsaw there are Willanovia estate and the Avore Project.

Rydla32 – a new residential investment in Krakow

Mota-Engil Central Europe has signed the contract for a residential complex Rydla32, with Echo Investment – the biggest Polish developer. The complex includes two buildings – 91 apartments and 4 commercial zones. It has 4 overground and one underground level. It is a unique place friendly for bikers, has playgrounds for children and is surrounded by lots of greenery. Rydla32 is located in the center of Stare Bronowice. Nearby is the Bronowice Fort and the green areas of Młynówka Królewska.
Currently, Mota-Engil Central Europe is also the contractor of many other projects in the biggest Polish cities, including under construction investment in Kraków – stage II of Vermelo.

Mota-Engil Central Europe – contractor of the second stage of the Nowa Dzielnica estate in Łódź


Mota-Engil Central Europe was awarded the contract for the second stage of the Nowa Dzielnica estate in Łódź, for Echo Investment – the biggest Polish developer. Project includes the construction of a housing complex (building B).
Nowa Dzielnica is a modern estate situated on Wodna street, in the new center of Łódź.
It is a green, quiet area and place very well communicated with the city. Nearby there are parks, bicycle paths, museums and many other city attractions available.
The scope of the investment includes demolition works, earth works, construction of a multi-family residential building and an underground garage. The building will have six overground and one underground storey. II stage will have 133 apartments.

Currently Mota-Engil Central Europe is the constructor of the first stage of Nowa Dzielnica estate, as well as many others under construction investments in Łódź – stage I and II of Recanto and stage II of Ilumino Project.

Standards for safe work – Agreement for Construction Safety


Mota-Engil Central Europe pays special attention to safety matters. In cooperation with Agreement for Construction Safety, with other signatories, package of standards for safe work was developed.

Planning and organizing construction works in a safe manner requires knowledge of a number of standards, legal regulations and engineering knowledge. Standards contain information that is useful at all design stages, planning, organizing and performing works. They are compendium of knowledge resulting of the experience and long-standing practice. The Agreement has prepared standards, among others:

– excavation works,

– working at a height,

– organization of construction camps,

– vertical transport,

– particularly dangerous works.

The Standards are available on the website of the Agreement LINK.

Mota-Engil Central Europe will build another part of S19!

Contract for the construction of the S19 road between Lublin and Kraśnik (part of the international via Carpatia) was signed 28th February 2018 in Kraśnik.

The section has been divided into three parts. The middle one (from the Niedrzwica Duża junction to the Kraśnik Północ junction – about 20 km) will be designed and build by Mota-Engil Central Europe. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk. The implementation is planned in the “Design and build” system.

A dual carriageway expressway will be created, with a bituminous surface with a reserve for the third lane outside. From the end of the western bypass of Lublin, it will initially run along the current national road No. 19. Then it will go east of it, bypassing Niedrzwica Duża, Niedrzwica Kościelna and Sobieszczany, to pass through the forests before Wilkołaz in the corridor of the current road (avoiding the city from the east) and then follow it on west side. In Lasy village before Kraśnik the express road will cross the present national road No. 19, bypassing the city from the east.

The drivers will be able to use new road in the spring of 2021.

“No accident counter” contest – awarding prizes


Awards for employees of the Granite Mine in Górka Sobocka, for the distinction in the “No accident counter” contest, were given on 14th February. At the end of 2017, the mine obtained 2 451 days without an accident. Employees received additional sets of safety equipment to ensure safety. We would like to congratulate and thank all those who contribute to increasing the level of safety in the Mota-Engil Central Europe workplaces.

Employees of Mota-Engil Central Europe once again among winners in skiing competition!

On February 17, 2018 14. Polish Championship of Road Builders in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding took place. This year Mota-Engil Central Europe was represented by six people. Congratulations to all Employees and their Families, who took part in this competition.
In the Masters category 1st place won Beata Wójciak and 3rd place in the same category for men won Krzysztof Wójciak.
In her age group Gabriela Pisarek won 2nd place, also in the same category for men 2nd place won Zbigniew Wójciak.
We thank all the participants of the competition for representing Mota-Engil Central Europe and we wish you more success in the future.

Training within the AcadeME program


Workshops aimed for Top Management assigned to areas of Production and Planning were organized on February 7-8, at the main office of Mota-Engil Central Europe. These sessions took place as a part of AcadeME – people development program, created for employees of the Mota-Engil Group. The meeting took the form of a dialogue on the importance of physical planning applied to construction. Its goal was to find the best solutions to strengthen and improve global planning practices in this matter. The main issue of the training, was to show the key role of planning in the production process.